- Steel

- Stainless Steel
- Duplex Stainless
- Brass
- Bronze
- Copper
- Aluminium
- Cast Iron
- Plastic

- Fibre Glass

- Aerospace & Defense
- Oil & Gas
- Auto Mechanical
- Power Generation
- Medical Equipment
- Food Preparation and Processing
- Agriculture & Forestry

- Marine Industries
- Design Innovation

- Construction Industry


​500mm x 3000mm

​500mm x 190mm

Conventional Turning

​100mm thick

Servicing Customers from:

​Band Saw

9000mm x 3000mm

to the public

  • Kickplates & Pushplates
  • Door Hardware (Handles, Keys)
  • Light Fittings
  • Fire Accessories (Pokers, Brushes)

We are experienced in the creation and implimentation of CAD (Computer Aided Design) models. These can be utilised for the creation of detailed drawings and prototyping.

From these models we can produce a finished part using a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) programme allowing for rapid production.

​​​Express Enin​eering is a privately owned company specialising in precision CNC & conventional maching. We operate on lean manufacuring principles,
operating 7 days a week,24 hours a day to cater to our customers requirements.

​500mm x 500mm

​Conventional Milling

​380mm x 1050mm

​2 axis

Plasma Cutting up to

5 axis

99 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi, 7630, North Canterbury

​Flame Cutting up to

9000mm x 3000mm

CNC Milling up to

Surface Grinding

our Services

​Mig Welding

​400mm x 400mm

​3 axis

300mm x 750mm

Working with Materials from:


& Prototyping

​Laser Cutting up to

​32mm thick

CNC Milling up to

  • Engraving
  • Decorative Sculptures
  • Bespoke Bannister Brackets
  • Ballustrades

CNC Milling up to

250mm x 250mm

We have produced many varied products for the general public, we pride ourselves on making creative and innovative concepts a reality.

Our past projects include:

​4 axis



​2040mm x 1000mm

10mm thick

​Gear Cutting

​CNC Turning up to

​1200mm x 1200mm

1050mm x 515mm